Science X | Unit 1 : Chemical Substances – Nature and Behaviour

Unit 1 : Chemical Substances – Nature and Behaviour

Acids, bases and salts : General properties, examples and uses, concept of pH scale, importance of pH in everyday life; preparation and uses of sodium hydroxide, Bleaching powder, Baking soda, washing soda and Plaster of Paris.

Chemical reactions : Chemical Equation, Types of chemical reactions : combination, decomposition, displacement, double displacement, precipitation, neutralization, oxidation and reduction in terms of gain and loss of oxygen and hydrogen.

Metals and non metals : General properties of Metals and Non-metals, reactivity series, Formation and properties of ionic compounds, Basic Metallurgical processes, corrosion and its prevention.

Carbon Compounds : Covalent bonding in carbon compounds. Versatile nature of carbon, Nomenclature of carbon compounds, Functional groups, difference between saturated hydrocarbons and unsaturated hydrocarbons, Ethanol and Ethanoic acid (only properties and uses), soaps and detergents.

Periodic classification of elements : Modern Periodic table, Gradation in Properties.