CBSE Class 10th Biology | Control and Coordination | Introduction

Control and Coordination | Introduction


The environment around us keeps on changing with the changing time. Throughout the year the weather changes and the living organisms keep on adjusting with the changing environment. For example, the plants shed their leaves in spring season.

Stimuli are the changes in the environment to which an organism reacts. For e.g. light, heat, cold, sound, smell, etc. The organisms usually show the changes in form of movement in their body parts. For example, if we put our bare feet on nail, we will immediately withdraw our feet. In this case nail is the stimulus (singular of stimuli) and withdrawing of feet is the reaction to the stimulus.

The response of an organism to the stimulus perceived is characteristic property of that particular organism.

Let us discuss the stimuli with reference to animals and plants.

Plants and animals show different types of method of reaction to stimuli i.e. response to stimuli in plants and animals differs significantly. Let us discuss it with the help of an example.

If there is bright sunny afternoon in the mid of June, animals will find a shady area by moving from one place to another place. But plants will stay there as they do not have locomotory organs, but they will absorb water with maximum rate so that the wilting does not take place and they will also close stomata so that the rate of transpiration decreases.

If we recall the impact of some of the above discussed examples, we can easily conclude that to act towards or against the stimuli the different parts of an organism should work in coordination with one another.

So, Coordination can be defined as “the working of various organs of an organism in a systematic manner to produce proper response to the stimuli”.

In this section we will discuss the control and coordination in plants and animals separately.




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