Chemistry X | Acids, Bases and Salts | Reaction of Metallic Oxides with Acids

Reaction of Metallic Oxides with Acids

Activity 2.7

  1. Take a small amount of copper oxide in a beaker and add dilute hydrochloric acid slowly while stirring.
  2. Note the colour of the solution. What has happened to the copper oxide?

You will notice that the colour of the solution becomes blue-green and the copper oxide dissolves. The blue-green colour of the solution is due to the formation of copper(II) chloride in the reaction. The general reaction between a metal oxide and an acid can be written as –

Metal oxide + Acid → Salt + Water

Now write and balance the equation for the above reaction. Since metallic oxides react with acids to give salts and water, similar to the reaction of a base with an acid, metallic oxides are said to be basic oxides.


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