We’ve found many Sites that are related with CBSE tutorials.  But very few of them offer material free of cost. We are trying to provide CBSE course material free of cost. Although we started this project in the late 2009, but most likey we’ll complete it in mid of 2010.

There is one more problem with students of CBSE, they used to study from books other than NCERT books, but in their syllabus NCERT books are clearly specified as reference books. The other problem in reading on the web that although all NCERT books are available free online, but they are in PDF formats which are interrelated and quite cumbersome for download. Also the study materials are not related with the topics in the syllabus. We are trying to make an user freindly copy of NCERT books on the web and relate them with the elated topic on the syllabus.

Although we tried our best to give accurate data from the syllabus, but if someone fels that there is a discrepency in data or thinks that there is a copyright violation by this website, feel free to comment.  Also if you need something which is very specific and unable to find it on the site, feel free to comment.

Please appreciate us by commenting on the site.



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